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PHP is the programming language of the future. Some of the biggest brands like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia deploy PHP for server side programming. But you shouldn't choose PHP just because Facebook or Yahoo did. Go for PHP because;

It is supported by a dedicated team that is making it better everyday

It simplifies coding and aids quick project completion

It is high on security & powered by an active community

Last but not least, PHP will bring down your project cost and lead to big savings.

Whether you want to start an online store using Magento or launch your CMS based business website, PHP is the programming language for you.

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Our team of Indian PHP programmers has been working with the dynamic language for almost a decade now. Custom development expertise of our PHP developers makes Techwave one of the best web programming companies. Since 2004, we have worked on;

Database Driven Platforms
CMS Websites
Mobile Apps
Business Solutions
Web Applications
eCommerce Store

Budget PHP
Programming Packages

High web development costs stop entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas from taking the investment leap. Techwave is changing this by making web development unbelievably affordable. As an emerging PHP programming company of India, our goal is to make experienced PHP coders available to businesses with small web development budget.

Why Hire PHP Developers
From Techwave?

Techwave is quickly gaining popularity for dedicated PHP programmers in Indian subcontinent. Whether you want to hire PHP programmers for website enhancements or require a dedicated team to do everything from scratch, we have the expertise & talent to handle your programming requirements.

Below reasons qualify Techwave for the title of best PHP development company in India:

In-house developed framework in MVC architecture in the same league as CakePHP and CodeIgniter

Specialization in custom development that promises better security & cost advantages

Dedicated PHP coders proficient in developing interactive interfaces by using frontend technologies like Javascript, jQuery & Ajax

PHP programming packages that suit every web development budget

Proven expertise with open source solutions like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal

Free technical assistance for 12 months and business consultation for lifetime

At Techwave, we believe in building long term relationships with clients so that we both benefit. Get in touch with us to hire best programming talent in India for your project.


Good things customers say about us

Thanks Techwave!Shirish Namedeo

"Techwave made an impression from the very beginning and kept it throughout the project duration. From design to quality control team, every person who worked on the project was strict professional and star performer.

Techwave team of coders created exactly what I was looking for, and SEO experts made sure that d-chocolatist dominates search engines as well. Project members were always there when I needed them. d-chocolatist is growing and improving every day, all thanks to these great people. I plan to meet the whole Techwave team before the second stage of development begins!"

Thanks Techwave!Pallavi Arroa

"My company just completed a redesign of our main website and I am very pleased we choose Techwave, a web design firm based in India. I have done more than 12 redesigns in the last 15 years and this was by far the most hands off project for me and my team. This is because I finally found a firm in Techwave that takes control and is responsible for the result. This allowed me to do my job of running the company which has not been the case with previous developers.

The savings from being hands off has been tremendous and the website is beautiful. See for yourself at Thanks kalpesh and the fine website designers and developers at Techwave. Your work has inspired the Certified Gold Exchange team to live up to this website design."

Thanks Techwave!Sundeep Sharma

"Fluidomat required complete website makeover, new features and new payment gateway. There were major issues in order processing and overselling that required special efforts. We came in touch with Techwave team and were really impressed with their approach towards branding,user experience and technical expertise.

New Fluidomat can handle upto 100,000 concurrent users and process thousands of orders in a couple of minutes without a glitch. We highly recommend Techwave for."

If PHP is your chosen technology, then, we have the best coders and programming packages for you. Do you want us to create a custom design and development package for your unique projects needs? It can be done!

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