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Techwave is a leading Magento E-Commerce Development Company in India. We help clients all over the world by creating custom e-commerce websites which run on Magento. From building complete stores to minor tweaks or adding custom plugins you can hire our affordable Magento developers for the best results. Techwave is a one stop provider for all your requirements when opting for a Magento based ecommerce store. Our expert Magento developers can help you in setting up your online store, develop additional Magento modules and integrate required custom features in your existing website.

Exceptional Features that Techwave promises

Scalable Solution to grow with your business

Flexible enough to meet your exclusive needs

Customizable as per your unique requirements

Magento Development PackagesChoose the plan that best fits your need

Features Standard Premium Premium Plus
Design Style Ready Theme Based Custom Design as per requirements and suggestions from client Custom Design planned by Techwave Team of UI experts based on client requirements
Design Process
  • Client suggests URLs for reference
  • Techwave team does research for themes as per references provided. 2-4 ready theme options are sent to client for approval and suggestions
  • Approved ready theme is implemented with suggested modifications.
  • Client provides initial design ideas and layout
  • Techwave designs 2-3 Home page layouts based on ideas provided
  • Actual home page design is built around the blueprint approved by client.
  • Client provides competitor list
  • After extensive research Techwave develops 3-5 layouts using its industry experience and latest trends.
  • Actual home page design is built around one of the approved layout
Custom Features Up to 10 hours of minor tweaks included.

Default features available in Magento.
Up to 20 hours of custom programming included. Up to 50 hours of custom programming included.
Timeline 1-10 Days 20-30 Days 50-60 Days
Logo Design ----- 2 Drafts Included 4 Drafts Included
Upfront Payment 50% 50% 25%
Source Code Client wll get the complete source code Client wll get the complete source code Client wll get the complete source code
Help Documents ----- Help guide to explain the most used backend features. Clients can send in their queries anytime within 1 month of project launch. Help guide to explain the most used backend features. Clients can send in their queries anytime within 6 month of project launch.
Responsive Design (Additional) ----- ----- -----
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Custom Extensions

Techwave gives you an opportunity to pick and choose which feature you want in your online store. You have complete freedom to build your own custom package. We always work to make your Magento Store Better. You can hire Techwave Magento Programmers to develop any of the below mentioned services.

Convert PSD to Magento template

Easy and faster Accounting system development

Transfer/Migration from other stores to Magento

Add "Related products" option to Magento Store

Add "Infinite scroll" option to Magento collection page

Social Media integration

Live Chat Integration

Setting up other 3rd party software

Set up Magento photo gallery

Rating and Reviews

Custom theme design

Additional custom extensions & Plugins

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Our Services are Best Suited for Business Owners

  • Who want to get custom features in their Magento based websites
  • Who have just entered the ecommerce sector and want to experiment
  • Who want maximum returns with limited investment
  • Who do not have the technical expertise to customize their website
  • Who wish to own a unique, scalable and distinct online store
  • Who want to get their online shopping website running without any hassle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Magento the right solution for me?

Magento is an open source E-Commerce software that allows for efficient scaling and flexibility. If you are looking for a solution with stronger admin area then Magento could be your choice. It serves both small scale and large scale online businesses as it offers a free community version and costly premium versions of the application too. Ideally it is assumed that if your daily order size is more than 100 only then you should go with Magento. Another very suitable option for small scale business owners with an average daily order size of less than 100 and less initial design/development cost is Opencart.

Q2. Where can I host Magento?

There are a lot of hosting providers which are compatible with Magento and based on the system requirement you can choose one. Websites based on Magento usually have high server requirements therefore they need a dedicated server to perform well. You can go for shared hosting too but that would adversely affect your Magento store's performance.

Q3. Is Magento free?

The Magento Community Edition is available as a free download under the open source OSL 3.0 license. The premium, Magento Enterprise Edition solution and Magento Go both are available based on an annual/monthly subscription. For more details.

Q4. Is there any future recurring cost with Magento?

Though the community edition is available as a free download but it has limited features only. For additional functionalities you can choose enterprise edition or its hosted solution called Magento go. Both of these have a monthly fee as per the plan you select. And there is no transaction fee or set up fee.

Q5. What is the difference between different Magento editions available?

There are three editions available; you can choose the best one according to your needs.

Magento Enterprise Edition: It is a paid ecommerce solution for fast growing and large scale businesses. It is a high performing, scalable and flexible solution.

Magento Community Edition: It is available as a free download and it is best suited from budding entrepreneurs who wish to explore the ever growing online marketplace.

Magento Go Edition: It is a hosted ecommerce solution best suited for small businesses just getting started in ecommerce. It has a 30 day free trial and then various monthly plans to choose from.

Q6. What kind of extensions do I need in my Magento Website?

It depends on the Magento edition you choose to build your website on. There are numerous plugins/add ons available which you can get, you need to choose them based on your requirements. Techwave Magento specialists can build any custom extension that you wish to have in your system at a very affordable price.

Techwave Magento developers are equipped to undertake any kind of custom work that you might need for your online store.